Instruments that make music, humans that make voice, and ears that hear…are not hard edged. Round curving forms abound in our musical world. The pipes of the organ, the body of an acoustic guitar, the cylindrical shapes of percussion, brass and woodwind instruments all confirm a simple truth. The design and means of musical production and re-production are not mutually exclusive. At Krueger Audio Technologies we embrace the beauty of musical instruments and the timeless human body. We hope to provide a connection…a link…a new means as a humble messenger between sound, soul, and mind. Our loudspeakers are visually compelling, instantly understood, and reshape sound reproduction.

Krueger Audio Technologies was formed in 2007 by audio savant Paul M. Krueger. Authentic sound has been an obsession of Mr. Krueger in his years designing and hand-building loudspeakers since the age of 13. Paul is in his soul an artist with the mind of an engineer. He looks at existing audio products and “re-thinks” them with a fresh, “sky is the limit” perspective, with an unrelenting pursuit of incredible sound. Krueger Audio is committed to releasing audio products that are refreshingly new — both visually and in performance. Listening Outside the Box is our slogan, and our mantra.


The Krueger Audio Loudspeaker line was designed and inspired by the smooth flowing lines of organic objects, with a fundamental belief that boxes do not effectively produce natural sound. The design is "art follows form follows function".

Many of the concepts for the construction and layout of the designs are unique and were adopted from different industries. Very few of the design elements are used in traditional loudspeaker construction.

The output of a Krueger Audio Loudspeaker is clean, deep, and fast, with minimal driver excursion. Midrange and treble is lifelike and crisp. The lifelike imaging is holographic, believable, emotional, and compelling. The sense of envelopment is truly exceptional.


Our speakers weigh less than half that of comparable speakers due to the thin wall construction. Most loudspeakers use either a sealed or bass reflex design, and require thick walls to sound realistic. We know of no 8 ½ lb. loudspeaker that can compete with our sound quality or hang on a wall while producing a large, realistic soundstage.

Baffle-Less Frontal Aspect

Our speakers boast the world’s most narrow horizontal width for driver size, and a near zero baffle area. Our drivers are bolted to, not screwed into, the enclosure. The advantages to this approach are no front baffle panel resonance, no baffle diffraction, and a completely natural first reflection similar to live sound propagation. The aural sensation is unusual as the loudspeakers sound much larger than their diminutive front aspect would imply. The sweet spot is extremely large, even off center axis.

Hybrid transmission line design

The nature of the patented and patent-pending hybrid transmission line avoids high internal pressures, eliminating sound destroying resonances that plague other speakers. Instead of trying to control the resonances and reflections caused by the powerful back wave from the driver, we get out of the way of it. Through ingenious, patent pending tuning principles, we control driver excursion and dampening in the least destructive and most efficient manner, producing the effect of a transmission line twice the size of our speaker. The resultant bass and mid-bass is free of distortion, and is well integrated with the tweeters through careful crossover execution. The result--our speakers can play louder and cleaner than comparable speakers, while weighing less.

Proprietary Add-Ons

The E-810 features a patent pending, fog machine port and can be integrated into a fog machine array, for a nightclub speaker array that--- literally--- smokes.


Our loudspeaker enclosure are constructed of a proprietary composite, primarily Polycarbonate with carbon and stainless steel fiber filler in the precise, injection molded clamshell design. All critical hardware is zinc plated or stainless steel. Our enclosures are screwed, glued, and gasketed.

Crossover networks feature built in speaker protection circuits where needed and top grade components like Poly caps, air core inductors, double thick copper fiberglass PC boards, and metal oxide resistors.

Our loudspeakers are warranted to be free from defects for five years.

Unlimited Finishes

Our speakers can be finished in any of 1000+ lacquers, including brass, gold, and chrome finishes. Custom shop design, including artist renderings and logos, can be accommodated.

Mounts & Stands

The S Series can use commercially available wall mounts with standard 2 ½ inch spacing and ¼-20 machine screws supporting at least 12 pounds. Semi in-wall mounting systems allow closer placement and integration into the home theatre In addition, stands and bases are available for free-standing applications.

The E series can be flown, wall, or stand mounted with commercially available mounts, including a standard tripod stand or pole wall mount.

American Made

Our speakers are hand-assembled in the USA, with 85% of the speaker’s physical mass produced domestically.


Commercial / Bar / Nightclub / Restaurant

Both the S and E series are uniquely designed to enhance any bar, restaurant, or nightclub theme or décor. The E models can be used to provide the main output for a nightclub or venue, while the S model can be used for fill applications or Lounge configurations with a Subwoofer. The huge dispersion, coverage, and soundstage can eliminate the need for up to 50% of your current speaker mix. Listener fatigue and “hotspots” are reduced with the ultra-wide soundstage and clear, undistorted, intelligible output. The E-810 features built in fly points and mounts to industry standard wall or tripod mounts.

DJ / Audio Professionals

Reknowned Disk Jockeys and pros have embraced the compact, sexy, unique design of the E-810. The E-810 provides more than enough punch for impromptu outdoor parties and live events with an easily transported, collapsible two-piece design. The E-810 is designed to mount on a standard tripod stand. The S-310 can be used for studio monitoring and mix down.

Home Audiophile / Home Theatre

Like a supermodel with a PhD, the looks of the S-310 are only surpassed by its audiophile quality sound. Boasting a near ruler flat frequency response and an unusually wide sweet spot and sense of envelopment, they truly are overachievers and a true value in high end audio. They perform well with a wide variety of solid state and tube amplifiers with as little as 10 watts per channel. The S-310 is ideal as the right/left front and rear compliment of your home theatre system, Available with a semi-in wall mount they literally look like they are jumping out of the wall. Ideal to transform your home theatre’s attitude and add jaw dropping realism. With over 1000+ available finishes, the S-310 can be finished to suit any tastes or designer décor.


High end outdoor cafes and distinctive residential patios will appreciate the avant-garde design and beautiful sound. All of the Krueger Audio Loudspeaker models currently offered with metal or synthetic tweeters can withstand environmental pressures such as indirect sunlight and rain. The woofers are either coated paper or Aluminum alloy with rubber surrounds. All of the drivers and crossover networks are fully sealed from moisture intrusion.

Yacht Sound Systems

Yacht manufacturers and interior designers in the marine industry have embraced the S-310 for its incredible form and versatility in Yacht sound systems. Any salon can be enhanced with the environmentally robust, yet lightweight and durable S series. A sexy yacht should not be burdened with outdated, boxy speakers or shamefully-hiding in wall installations. Our custom shop can paint with your décor in mind and even feature your ship’s badge!


Coming Soon...

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